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music2024-07-01 abstract.mp3
submission to abstractionaut remix album
music 2021-02-01 vuvuzela.mp3

percussive tune
15/16 @ 160bpm in B♭

music 2021-08-08 rattle.mp3
GM.DLS doodle, with some slushy percussion and pads added
music 2021-08-13 blown.mp3
simple dance music, high volume
music 2021-08-20 redline-3-4.mp3
music2021-09-12 mashup.mp3
music2021-10-18 lazore.mp3
simple crunchy ambient noise track
music2021-11-18 tamb.mp3
default MIDI sax sketch
with big drums
music2022-01-10 sk.mp3
horror ambient sketch
music2022-03-03d rebounce.mp3
music2022-03-10 johnny.mp3
blown out fallout new vegas edit
submission to collab album
theme was "exit"
music2022-07-10 odd.mp3
submission to collab album
theme was "exit"
music2022-07-11 chambre.mp3
digital waveguide synthesis test
music2022-08-29 lazore.mp3
chill track built off a beat by phlegmulated
music2022-09-29 e.mp3
loud, slow, orff-type beat
music2022-10-13 ftwrk.mp3
percussive 160bpm synthetic
bossa nova muzak
fun little noise track
music2023-01-26 khronos.mp3
Khronos Quartet vs. Tupac vs. Adeem mashup
keymashing with a couple of low-bandwidth odd-harmonic wavetables
music2023-04-07 b.mp3
quick sketch based on another phlegmulated track
music2023-05-29 get cranked.mp3
soulja boy death grips mashup
music2023-06-24 opal.mp3
music2023-06-28 resonance.mp3
submission to collab remix album: listen here
music2023-07-15 thirteen.mp3
music2023-07-23 chopped.mp3
slowed-down version of another track I made around the same time
cowbell-heavy deep sketch
music2023-07-24 golgotha.mp3
phonklite off-kilter tune
music2023-07-27 crunch.mp3
music2023-08-01 c.mp3
typical noise track, heavy, lots of reverb
music2023-10-14 scintillate.mp3
2 Hour Album Challenge beat, extremely bright, made with a friend
music2023-11-18 voyelles.mp3
Just the vowels from "Aujourd'hui ma vie c'est de la marde" by Lisa Leblanc
music2023-12-04 catb.mp3
background waiting music. hardly noticeable
music2024-01-14 prsito.mp3
chickadee ambient